Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Living With Dirty Games

I opened my gmail inbox and there, found a mail from a foreign girl requesting me to become her friend. She had picked up my mail ID from a youth forum website. There arises no question in accepting a sweet friendship proposal and that also from a girl, so, I replied her in a casual way. The very next day, I read her another mail. She was thanking me for my reply. The mail also read her as a civil war victim, forced to leave her country and taking asylum in foreign refugee camp after some rebels attacked her house and killed her successful businessman and then politician father, and her mother too. She was the only daughter of her parents and none was left to take care of her. It was a sad story and I was really sad and shocked.

Her other mails are quite romantic. I again received her next mail. Note- the letter always began with ‘My Dear!’ She chose me to share her pains and difficulties of life. I replied her in what way I could help her. The next mail contained her photos. She was a Negro girl but quite beautiful. Her face would remind me of singer Rihanna. But I can guarantee she was not Rihanna. The mail read that her, as the only child of her parents, is the next kin to her parental properties. She had her father deposited big lump of money at the Bank of Scotland. She as a refugee must needed a foreign trustee to transfer all that money in to her account. If I would mail the bank at the given address I would be registered there and she would get all that money. (She also mentioned that her father’s remaining two brothers are after his money. They would certainly try to kill her if they found her.) This time also there arose no questions in helping someone get a good life. At least God will thank me for my great deed. I replied her that I would do so within a week.

The next mail, oh! - She wanted to marry me. She is also offering me 20% of that money and is also requesting me to mail the bank as soon as possible. How could someone and that too, an unknown person like her trust me just like this? There must be something wrong! Her late father, a successful businessman and a politician- he might have his name shared over different sites. I searched his name in I was shocked to see the pages- the same mails that I was receiving, and were titled “Be careful with such mails…..” She was playing the game with several others like me. She was a fraud. I don’t know, may be he was a fraud. I was being lured. The technology was benefiting some ill-born humans.

I replied her/him as,-“One can lie one person at a time; one can lie that person every time; one can lie everyone at a time; but one cannot lie all the person all the time. You have lost the dirty game that you played to make some money from me and thousand others like me. You misused the technology and the technology disused you. You took the help of technology to dump me and I used and am using the technology to disclose your fraud.”


itsmysite said...

really nice article....... photo ta ramro khichau nai article pani khatra lekhdo rahechu!!! seriously!

Nijgadh said...

article ta rarmo cha ta