Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaighat to Diktel: A photo essay

(Click here to visit Diktel)
Gaaighaat Bazar
(This photo is downloaded one. Except this, all others are my originals. Gaaighat Bazar is the Headquarter of Udaypur district)

The vehicle can't go ahead
(This picture (that I took on the way to Saaune) portrays the condition of roads after the vehicles leave Gaaighaat. The vehicles can go only up to Saaune, approx 40 km east of Gaaighaat. The foot journey, often being called as No.11 vehicle, starts after Saaune.)

No time to care children

Only the beautiful sky is there for us

Now it's time for the lunch
(Porters preparing their morning meal)

The real Nepal to see
(Majority Nepalese dwell here)

Are you still planning to go Goa for the vacation??
(Dudhkoshi- it has great possibilities of tourism from rafting, water motor, boating point of view)

Lorries for Gaighat to Diktel
(Mules running across the Dudhkoshi shore. Mules are used to carry goods from Gaaighat to Diktel and nearby villages and vice versa.)

I did it for whole life

Returning home for Dashain
(At Regmitaar)

A renowned lodge in the way

No, road!! No, lorry!!- Fine, I'll do it
(Sometimes porters carry goods instead of mules)

Here comes Diktel
(Diktel is the headquarter of Khotang district)


Sanil said...

there is more than just the beautiful sky for them, gai, gobar, banana tree, ghar, pariwar, maya, sahara, sapana, chimeki, pahichan aru k chahiyo ra, i think if they have enough to feed themselves they r the happiest ones.

Gouri said...

Wow!! Extremely beautiful.

The Gaighat photo reminded me of the days when we had to cross Trijuga khola on foot (there was no bridge) to reach Beltar.

Your photos are feast for the nature lovers' eyes. Keep clicking, buddy.

rajankathet said...

thanks Gouri.... that was a great (inspiring) comment. During Dashain, it's very difficult to get air ticket to Lamidanda Airpot, so we usually make it by foot...... 2 days of walking from Gaighat to Diktel.... but for our surprise, we got air ticket this time after 8 years. hehe.... take care