Monday, December 29, 2008

Sano Sansar: Movie Review

Directed by the noted music video director Alok Nembang as his debut, Sano Sansar has a blend of good direction, notable cinematography and innate flow of action. The movie revolves around a simple story of urban youths. This movie, far different from those stereotypical Nepali movies, has a very good composition of music ranging from Sachin Singh to Satya-Sworup, Raju Singh and Jems Pradhan to Anil Singh and Manoj Kumar K.C. Nembang has done a commendable job as a debutante but he still has lot to do to prove himself the best. The main actor Mahesh Shakya alias Karma has been a revelation as an actor. He has still a lot to do for Nepali movies because our Nepali film industry lacks actors of such potential. Other actors also have done fairly good job. Creative minds don't need to go places like Switzerland for shoots, which the cinematographer has proved by capturing thrilling scenes in the city of Kathmandu only.

Still the movie has a lot of flaws like the unmatched twisting of the story and some scenes are difficult to relate with. Alok Nembang hasn’t been able to extract the best from the likes of Neer Shah, whose character isn’t much impressive in the movie. The story-line isn’t that powerful. However, the movie has been able to give new taste for Nepali audiences.

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