Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ManU Forever!!

Every person has more or less inclination towards the ideologies of some political parties though they may not be totally inclined towards it. I believe myself to be a communist not because I believe or totally understand Marx and Mao but because I grew-up seeing the posters like "Ganatantra Chin" that is to say Republic of China along with those of Madan Bhandari, Jibraaj Aashrit and Manmohan Adhikari in my parents bedroom. So it is the same case with Manchester United.

I grew up among the fellows who would admire David Beckham for his banana freekick, his those beautiful crosses, his good captaincy, and of course his style and personality. Tenzin Tshering, who was most of the times there at my side dreaming of becoming a great soccer star while I was concentrating in studies. He was a Hosteler while I always traveled around 1km to home(Deraa) and school (Kathmandu Valley School, Campion). He would always tell me to bring the pictures of Beckham- both newspaper cuttings and other available posters. That didn't cost much, so I never bothered to get him those pictures. I had to watch ManU matches for his sake. He would ask the match results at the very first meetings. I would obviously cheer United team because I was just watching its performance.

So I watched this club playing for around 2 months just for my friend. It's been 7 years since I'm watching this club playing after then. But after those two months I watched ManU matches for myself. I had a postcard of Liverpool FC since I was a 7th grader. So I has a kind of infatuation with this club too though I largely admire the Red Devils. May be I'm one of those such rare fans. I too enjoyed the LFC winning Champions League. But I rarely care the performance of LFC because I care for Manchester United.

I think I'll support Manchester United forever. Also I don't have any hated teams alike the LFC fans strongly opposing ManU. Ferguson is still doing good job. In fact he's the best coach the world ever produced or will produces in coming years....ManU cheers.... Forever... It rules the world........

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