Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alternative energy- Letters to the editor

Sushma Joshi's “Waiting for rain” (March 28, Page 6) was interesting. Citing the example of her nephew's drawing of a house with six solar panels, the author has illustrated the urgent need for alternative energy sources for our country. I agree with Joshi that it is high time we started doing what is possible from our side and what benefits the coming generations.
As she writes, “ may be time for us to start selling those Pajeros and putting the money back into water harvesting tanks which store rainwater from the monsoon for the dry winter months.” Let's learn from Joshi's nephew. We might not have the courage to donate our half month's salary to help our country as South Korean citizens did for five consecutive years, but we can at least begin to design our world with the rocks we have in our garden.
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