Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Explore photography

What I learn after having own a DSLR for a year already- you are simply not a good photographer by just holding it. Couple months later I had own it, I was in the mood to replace it with another new and expensive for I felt like already done every bests of it and still unsatisfied with the quality it was giving. I also felt like trying most of the stuffs Rajbhai Suwal had preached in a small seminar. But I hadn't tried actually.

I spent previous couple of months watching really good movies ranging from Ghajini- the worst starring my Indian favorite Amir Khan to Oscar- winner Slum-dog Millionaire. I also watched best cinematography and photography packed Bandit Queen (I think 1995, Hindi) to 1975 Oscar winner One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest. Slum-dog Millionaire and Bandit Queen were impressively great from photography point of view. I thought of trying them in still photography and felt like done it. Yes I have done it. I have started doing photography from that perspective. I am no more wishing to go Pokhara for beautiful pictures. "Keen Insight"- my father had told about creative writing and it does applies for photography and almost all stuffs where real ART can be practiced.

So friends do not run from those holding DSLRs. Feel great to click with your 1 megapixel cellphone camera. Do not judge a photo by resolution and megapixel- it's what DSLR can only give. Rest is yours. First explore photography. I have already started doing it. All the best!!

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SateLite said...

Agreed with your point sir.