Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ma Aaudaichhu Priye- म आउँदैछु प्रिये

About the making:
I'm physically present in the classes, but I'm usually lost mentally (so I suffer a lot during the exams). Sometimes funny and interesting ideas go through my mind at these moments. So the concept of making an Ad of _________ (you'll have to watch the video to know this...) went through my mind. I first shared this concept with Ratan and he was very happy to work for this though I have never heard him of saying NO!! (e.g. Me/anyone: "रतन, ठिमी मा छ्याङ् खान जाउँ है आज क्लास लाई बाल दिएर ।" रतन: "भै हाल्छ नि साथी!!") This is Ratan.

Then I shared this idea with one of friends Shail Shrestha(....he is always showing his stupid teeth). This concept-man also loved my concept. One friend (not from our class) even mocked this concept. After few days, we started making video for the Ad with Chahana Sigdel and Shail in the roles but without proper plannings. I don't know about Shail (for he is mainly interested in creating concepts and direction) but Chahana was very much willing to do the video. When me and Ratan approached her with proposal, she was so happy. She went among her friends screaming "I'm in!"

We started with photo shoot (from KU to Talu Danda). Chahana really gave nice poses (I don't mean Shail didn't gave good poses, he is also equally nice in this matter.). Our inexperience and lack of understanding between friends came in the way to obstruct everything and it was over after few days. It was pack-up for about 2 semesters. Although the theme is same, the story line and scene sequences are all new. I wish you'll not dislike the video.

About the Video:
A very short, both romantic and funny video(1 min. 25 secs.), made by KU students (2009) with Parbat Thapa (Electrical Engineering 4th/last year) in the scene....Poem narration by Ratan Aanad Karna, background score by Diwas Manandhar and Parbat Thapa, editing by Shekhar KC and me, camera by Prem Tshering Sherpa and, scene selection, photography direction, script, concept and direction by me.(hahahaha.. I am crediting myself for so many works... but it doesn't matter...). It was a good homework before making the video, so we completed shooting within 1-2 hours.


आकार said...

सोल्टा भयंकर कडा बनेछ यो चाँहि ! निकै गज्जब लाग्यो यार ! अनि रतन को भोइस पनि बब्बाल छ !
"हातमा हात,
ओठमा ओठ"...

पर्वत दाइ, अनि राजन सोल्टा को कन्सेप्ट, त्यसमाथि छिरिङ को सिनेमाटोग्राफी, साँच्चै बब्बाल छ यार !

मैले अब मेरो ब्लगमा केयु भिडियो भनेर, अब निरन्तर भिडियोहरु राख्ने भएँ, सुरुवात तिम्रै यहि भिडियो बाट गर्छु है, सोल्टा !

Basanta said...

Nice video! I had watched in Aakar's blog too.

ramita said...

jaba mailay video hayray the first word comes from my mouth is "wow".sachi kasto ramro nai vayeako jhan poem vanda ta manau kunai professional person bata sunayjhai lagyo director jee la la ajhai asati video haru pheri pheri herna pau huna ta asti nai comment garchu vanay ko tara lab ma net nai 6ina

sangam said...

ooooo,babaaal Rajan, Ratan, Prem,Parbat......Hamro class ma ta sab khatra creative chan..
hats off to u guys.it was really very admirable. keep it up with this type of work!!!!!