Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Walk in Kathmandu

After attending one of Koshish Abhiyan Programs at Martin Chautari, I took a bus to Kantipur Publication wherefrom I collected money of my two published articles (at Post Platform). (Please don't think that I am advertising myself. I just want to maintain flow in the story) Again it was time to take a vehicle to Sukedhara. Instantly I came with an idea to make a walk though it is not healthy to make in the city of Kathmandu. I am very much vulnerable to water-borne and air-borne diseases. But I decided to fight this idea.

I covered my face (it would be proper to say nose and mouth) with scarf though it does not filter the air, turned the cap back and took out the camera from my (medium trekking like) bag. I usually carry this bag so that I shouldn’t have to carry those non-degradable plastic bags. It’s always nice, useful and worthy to start from home than talking nonsense (like our politicians). Covering my face would benefit me in other ways also. It would lessen away my hesitation midst of my stupid countrymen. I thought the photos could be useful later also. And it proved much worthy recently.

Our department guest teacher/ lecturer Sten Brand, a Norwegian young man, who is helping us with some multimedia tools, gave us group assignments of making photo-narration video. Me and my Popas(Project Partners) Gaurav Devkota and Shail Shrestha had a kind of compulsion to give a topic to the teacher without making plan. I had those photos stored in a DVD and planned to use them in this small 1-2 minutes project. We got about two weeks time for a two minute video. At this length of time Clint Eastwood would have completed half of the shooting of his movie. (I am not sure but I think I had read somewhere that he had made his Oscar Winner movie “Million Doller Baby” within just 35 days.)

For about 11 days we remained completely out of touch with the project. It was another rush hour after that. I stay at hostel and my Popas daily travel from Kathmandu. We selected photos and Popas took the responsibility of making music + narration Audio for it. Gaurav gave a sweet narration but with bit rush to maintain flow with the music (Kathamandu by Bob Segel). Due to load-shedding problem, it was difficult for them to make the video. So they made a sample video and handed everything over to me for the final editing and output.

Yesterday I stayed till 1 am and completed the video using my dear Movie Maker. We were not permitted to use other editing software. I always use/used ULead for video editing purposes and I am/was not used to with it. Yesterday it was so dearest to me. It was making my computer hang time and again still I was using it with care and love and request.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 1pm. Shekhar the front-man boy of our class, both in work and study, first agreed to show his group’s video. (watch his video). It was the best video amongst all- and it was the beginning. So we decided to show our at last (ha ha ha ha ha ha). But it was not that bad at all after- all…. though it was an eleventh hour product. Lets cheer Popas!!!

Media Studies- 4th sem,


Shekhar said...

Yes, solta everybody did their best effort and it was fun sharing our product. (don't say best because there may be different criteria of judging by Sten, may be "My First Date" will be disqualified) but it doesn't matter.
Nice write up always and keep it up.

Shail said...

ramailo written. I am in the article. Cheers! every one was good. hai! I enjoyed all. and Shekher rocked ! again, i am in this article.

ramita said...

sabai lai lag6 ke Kathmandu is a beautiful place huna pani yo capital city ho na hos pani kasari tara hami kathmandu ma basnay lai thaha6 ke ktm kati ko pollution hudai6 vannay. yo video lay pani tayhe show garay ko 6. Though Kathmandu is getting polluted u all have created nice video.