Thursday, June 25, 2009

To Let You Know

To Let You Know- A song recorded by my friend Saujan Man Pradhan in his mobile. He send me the song while we were chatting. I loved the song and in jest I told him that I would made a simple video for it. He agreed... Oh My God, he agreed. Now, I had to make video for it. Anyways no worries.... I thought it would be a good practice for me.

Amisha Lama- A shy girl from Media Studies (batch 2008) was chatting with me or let's say I was chatting with her (hehehe). And.....while just kidding I told her that I wanted to take some of her pictures for a video. She agreed... Oh My God, she agreed. I had given words to a girl..... now, I've to do it. We planned for the very next day to shoot in TaluDanda. I clearly remember it was Saturday. I proposed Shekhar KC if he wanted to model for the video. He is our boy. How could he say No?

Now, our shooting unit had four members- Shekhar and Amisha (actors) and Prem Tshering Sherpa and me (for photography, videography and direction). We had done ZERO homework for the video. I even hadn't given proper care to the words of the song. We didn't know the theme of the song. I just loved the song and its simple and fine music. Even though, we were heading for a video-shoot with our heads held high- BINDASS!!

We reached TaluDanda. The time of struggle began as we had not planned what to shoot, how to shoot and with what theme to shoot. We just clicked photos and took videos randomly. We- everyone did a lot of NATAK. We took shots of Shekhar playing guitar in the hostel after returning from TaluDanda. The song was in Plugging and Shekhar was playing rhythm. I noticed it after I sat for video editing few weeks later. Anyway, Saujan was waiting with great passion for his video to be released (hehe) so I edited about 95% of video and left rest for another day. It was our bad luck. Prem formatted his computer and the editing version saved in C Drive just flew like burnt cigarette. He was formatting his computer and I was in front of him showing my teeth. The Format completed and my antennae became conscious. It was too late. Saujan replied- “Fine! No problem! I can wait till you complete your Undergraduate.” He was sad.

Again after few weeks, I took some shots of Shekhar playing Plugging in the guitar. Then I stored the video for about one and a half month. Today Shekhar came with an idea to edit the video and I permitted him do whatever he wanted. I just directed him to cut some clips and to increase time-length of some. Now the video has been released to the whole world. Please, watch it for free…... hehehe.

I know the video is just OK. Everything got messed-up. Still it was our work left handicapped in some folder in F Drive … untouched for months. It taught us that a proper homework is important, in fact compulsory, before beginning anything. And it’s proving successful now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Book Fair and Bhrikuti

(It's only for educational purpose)
As a part of our educational visit, we second year students of Media Studies visited 13th Nepal Education and Book Fair 2009 which was held at Bhrikuti Mandap, Pradarshani Marg from May 15-23. As the name of the event suggests, it is both the Education and Book fair. As I read very few books, I didn’t know that the book fair was going on. It was our project coordinator Nirmala Mani Adhikary who suggested us to visit the event and collect some information about it. We all students from our class had to compulsorily make it to the even but still some of my friends damned it.

One section of the fair contained course of studies of most of the levels, educational materials including posters, globes and various equipments while other contained the books- literature, biography, fiction and various genres. We could see people, ranging from children to old, attending this fair as educational trip, family visit and pals hangout. Some teenagers, including stall keepers, were even dating at this spot. The temples and the nearby forests had gone less to these people. (May be they wanted to prove themselves in public- I’m really sorry for mocking other’s feeling.)

Some were buying loads and loads of books and some were collecting just the advertisements and free books. I didn’t wish to but I compelled myself to buy two books- Akalpaniya for my friend and Ek Asafal Aakhyaan ko Prarambha for myself. One 8th Grade fellow surprised us by saying that he completes a Novel in just a couple of days. I didn’t pay much attention to education stalls that were luring our stupid teenagers and youths for abroad education.

The most interesting of the event was that in one book-stall I got to see a book “Our Childhood” published by one of my classmate, Bhrikuti Rai, while she was in Grade 10. I remembered that she had told about the book while we were in first semester but I had already forgotten it. Only after encountering it I realized her words. She used to collect childhood biographies of some national personalities and translate them into English. So, it was her mother’s idea to compile those collections and publish as a book. It was a matter of glory for me as a friend and jealousy as a classmate. Three cheers for Bhrikuti!

There are always jokes and mocks while we are with friends. We cracked jokes of some stalls, visitors and even our friends. The most disgusting was the toilet, which remained me of my Nation.

 Media Studies- 4th sem

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let's take a short look..............

(We made this video for our educational purpose/project, so one may not find it interesting.) I felt like being forced to eat the whole packet of ghee because I always asked time and again for a spoonful. I believe everyone in my class felt like this while doing the photo and video stories. But I am really thankful to our project coordinator Sten Brand for greatly supporting and appreciating our work. Also, I am most thankful to my new friend Amita Thapa Magar for inviting us (me and Shail) to click photos in that great event.

It is another 11th hour product. I sat for 3 nights till 1 am editing and cutting down 1 hr video to 3 minutes. I hate narrating but it was my turn as Gaurav did last time and Shail was narrating other "Feature Video" (....... and this one was a news-video). I didn't want to miss some of the great moments of the event so I've tried squeezing everything by cutting into pieces, overlapping etc. I clicked a lot of photos but I couldn't add them to the video because the video already exceeded 2 minutes time limit. We have tried to make a traditional type news-story video (hehehe).

Media Studies- 4th sem,

Monday, June 8, 2009

C dis Video- u'll miss it otherwise!!

यो भिडियो हेर्नुस्, हाँस्नुस्, जिब्रो टोक्नुस्, मुख बाउनुस्, रमाउनुस्, आफ्नो क्षमताले जे भ्याउँछ त्यही गर्नुस्, अरु के नै भन्न सक्छु र !! All the Best!!