Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Book Fair and Bhrikuti

(It's only for educational purpose)
As a part of our educational visit, we second year students of Media Studies visited 13th Nepal Education and Book Fair 2009 which was held at Bhrikuti Mandap, Pradarshani Marg from May 15-23. As the name of the event suggests, it is both the Education and Book fair. As I read very few books, I didn’t know that the book fair was going on. It was our project coordinator Nirmala Mani Adhikary who suggested us to visit the event and collect some information about it. We all students from our class had to compulsorily make it to the even but still some of my friends damned it.

One section of the fair contained course of studies of most of the levels, educational materials including posters, globes and various equipments while other contained the books- literature, biography, fiction and various genres. We could see people, ranging from children to old, attending this fair as educational trip, family visit and pals hangout. Some teenagers, including stall keepers, were even dating at this spot. The temples and the nearby forests had gone less to these people. (May be they wanted to prove themselves in public- I’m really sorry for mocking other’s feeling.)

Some were buying loads and loads of books and some were collecting just the advertisements and free books. I didn’t wish to but I compelled myself to buy two books- Akalpaniya for my friend and Ek Asafal Aakhyaan ko Prarambha for myself. One 8th Grade fellow surprised us by saying that he completes a Novel in just a couple of days. I didn’t pay much attention to education stalls that were luring our stupid teenagers and youths for abroad education.

The most interesting of the event was that in one book-stall I got to see a book “Our Childhood” published by one of my classmate, Bhrikuti Rai, while she was in Grade 10. I remembered that she had told about the book while we were in first semester but I had already forgotten it. Only after encountering it I realized her words. She used to collect childhood biographies of some national personalities and translate them into English. So, it was her mother’s idea to compile those collections and publish as a book. It was a matter of glory for me as a friend and jealousy as a classmate. Three cheers for Bhrikuti!

There are always jokes and mocks while we are with friends. We cracked jokes of some stalls, visitors and even our friends. The most disgusting was the toilet, which remained me of my Nation.

 Media Studies- 4th sem

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Eternal said...

Well, it must have been a great out... I was also collect some books and enjoy there...The books around there always fascinates me...