Thursday, June 25, 2009

To Let You Know

To Let You Know- A song recorded by my friend Saujan Man Pradhan in his mobile. He send me the song while we were chatting. I loved the song and in jest I told him that I would made a simple video for it. He agreed... Oh My God, he agreed. Now, I had to make video for it. Anyways no worries.... I thought it would be a good practice for me.

Amisha Lama- A shy girl from Media Studies (batch 2008) was chatting with me or let's say I was chatting with her (hehehe). And.....while just kidding I told her that I wanted to take some of her pictures for a video. She agreed... Oh My God, she agreed. I had given words to a girl..... now, I've to do it. We planned for the very next day to shoot in TaluDanda. I clearly remember it was Saturday. I proposed Shekhar KC if he wanted to model for the video. He is our boy. How could he say No?

Now, our shooting unit had four members- Shekhar and Amisha (actors) and Prem Tshering Sherpa and me (for photography, videography and direction). We had done ZERO homework for the video. I even hadn't given proper care to the words of the song. We didn't know the theme of the song. I just loved the song and its simple and fine music. Even though, we were heading for a video-shoot with our heads held high- BINDASS!!

We reached TaluDanda. The time of struggle began as we had not planned what to shoot, how to shoot and with what theme to shoot. We just clicked photos and took videos randomly. We- everyone did a lot of NATAK. We took shots of Shekhar playing guitar in the hostel after returning from TaluDanda. The song was in Plugging and Shekhar was playing rhythm. I noticed it after I sat for video editing few weeks later. Anyway, Saujan was waiting with great passion for his video to be released (hehe) so I edited about 95% of video and left rest for another day. It was our bad luck. Prem formatted his computer and the editing version saved in C Drive just flew like burnt cigarette. He was formatting his computer and I was in front of him showing my teeth. The Format completed and my antennae became conscious. It was too late. Saujan replied- “Fine! No problem! I can wait till you complete your Undergraduate.” He was sad.

Again after few weeks, I took some shots of Shekhar playing Plugging in the guitar. Then I stored the video for about one and a half month. Today Shekhar came with an idea to edit the video and I permitted him do whatever he wanted. I just directed him to cut some clips and to increase time-length of some. Now the video has been released to the whole world. Please, watch it for free…... hehehe.

I know the video is just OK. Everything got messed-up. Still it was our work left handicapped in some folder in F Drive … untouched for months. It taught us that a proper homework is important, in fact compulsory, before beginning anything. And it’s proving successful now.


Ayod Dhaumya said...

Its really interesting Rajan.

आकार said...

जति सोचेको थिँए, त्यती चाँहि लागेन सायद पहिले नै फोटो हेरेको भएर होला । तर पनि हतार हतार मा छिटो छिटो बनाइएकोले हेर्दा कुनै कष्ट हुँदैन । सायद, यो भन्दा राम्रा राम्रा भिडियोहरु पहिले हेरिएकोले पनि सायद, राम्रो होला भन्ने आशा राखिएको होला । जेहोस्, राम्रो छ, सुधार र मेहेनत को खाँचो छ ।

Eternal said...

malai ta khub maan paryo ....keep it up guys...