Tuesday, July 28, 2009

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men (1957)
I began to watch “12 Angry Men” thinking it as a something like a gangster or an action movie. Yes, it’s a full action movie but not the physical one. Although some moments and consequences try to lead to physical actions, it’s based on wordy-war. The movie is based on about 1 and ½ hour talk and discussion that occurs around a round-table after a jury comprising 12 members is given a task to decide whether that 18 year old slum-fellow is guilty/not guilty of killing his father. It's up to these jurors to decide the future of that young fellow. The boy is hanged if the jury’s verdict tells him guilty.

All 11 jurors except one first votes him guilty simply based on the superficial evidences provided to the court by that boy’s neighbors and the detectives. The alone man, played by Henry Fonda, thinks it’s possible that the boy may not be guilty since there are no strong evidences that fully justify the case. Some jurors support his reasons while some make jokes of them. His reasons seem so accurate and true that they pursue and praise some other jurors to think the boy as not guilty. The reasoning process continues till all the juries accept the boy as not guilty.

The strong reasons and words made and uttered to prove the boy not guilty are a very weak reasons to think of as the reasons that make the movie so classic and beautiful. The Nepali or an Indian filmmaker would have flawed the whole movie although they would have been provided with the same materials- like concept, script and screenplay. I mean to say the things that should be judged as the chief reasons behind the classicism and artistic nature of the movie are the finest portrayal of the characters, which justify most of human characters and behaviors. The main subject of the movie is one aspect to judge while it’s deeper meaning and portrayals are the chief materials to conjure up as a perfect audience.

There are smart characters, over-smart characters, intelligent characters, supportive characters, stupid characters and aggressive characters. There are lots of funs, humors and actions. You’ll get to see everything around one round table and a room- how people reasons and try to defend themselves and their prejudices; how some are unmoved by filthy reasons and nature of the people around.

Our contemporary cinemas and in fact all of us are now totally commercialized. Very few stand there to preserve the real meaning of art and classicism. These kinds of movies are rarely made. It’s worthiest watching. My life was complete before watching this movie. After watching it, I felt that it would have been incomplete if I wouldn’t have watched it. If science would have permitted me to rate it 6 out of 5!! THUMBS UP to all the characters and crew members of the movie!!!


Asmita said...

you have so well expressed ur thoughts about the movie that i so want to watch it now...i salute your power of expression.

Shonn said...

: D gwaaa thank you so much! your reveiw gave me a clear idea of the significance of this movies..Thanks! cuz I didn't really get it...buttt now I do!

john wall said...

I love the movie 12 Angry Men. The way Henry Fonda convinces the other jury members 1 by 1 that the boy could be innocent is outstanding, and it ranks among the best movies Ive ever seen.