Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset

Before Sunrise (1995)

Before Sunrise (1995) is a movie that depicts a chemistry of a boy and a girl who meet at a train and spend night at an unknown city of Vienna. Celine (Julie Delpy), a young French girl, returning to Paris in a train after seeing her grandmother, feels so much irritated and disturbed by an elderly couple arguing with each other. In fact all the passengers of that large cabin are being disturbed. She couldn’t concentrate to the book she is reading and choose to sit few sits back. Luckily she gets to sit by the side of Jesse (Ethan Hawke), an American fellow, heading for Vienna for his next morning’s flight to Madrid, nearly of her age with both of them a book in their hand, but intense willingness to talk to each other. These boy and girl center those fighting couple as the subject to ignite their conversation. They leave the cabin for lounge car and starts talking. They talk about their journey and destination. They joke and talk about life and philosophy.

The train reaches the Vienna and the boy vaguely proposes the girl if she would join him till the sunrise at the new city of Vienna. The girl agrees to join him. They travel round the city, restaurants, and pubs. They joke. They talk about their families. Friends. Interests. Life. Philosophies. Sex. A lot of things. They feel a kind of attraction to each other. They kiss. Express their warmth for each other but do not express love in words.

It’s morning. They have to depart now. They may not see each other again. They do not want to share addresses, mails, contact numbers… The relationship would fade away within first few mails and contacts. They wish each other a happy life. Their last intense hugs and kisses force them to vow to meet each other in coming days also. They boy proposes to meet at every 5 years. But it would be so weird sociological experiment. The years are decreased to one. Finally, they vow to meet after six months counting from the previous day- the day they had met. The movie ends. And it’s up to you to guess what would happen later in their life.

The best part is everything seems so simple and real. You don’t feel you are watching an acted movie. You don’t feel the actors like acting. There’s nothing suspense and threatening. It’s like something you may experience one day. The two actors fill-up everything. Love. Humor. Sentiments. Joy. Sorrow. Pain. Everything. The movie is so real. I rate it 5/5.

Before Sunset (2004)
In 2004, after 9 years, the same crew member of the movie Before Sunrise (1995) is again back with its second part- Before Sunset Jesse is now a bestselling author in US. Celine, who is currently involved in an organization working for environment conservation, read in a newspaper that Jesse was coming to Paris to talk about his book with its readers. Fortunately the book is about the night spent nine years back with a French girl in the city of Vienna. Celine appears at the meeting to see Jesse.

They take a short walk in Paris. Jesse has to catch his flight at the end of the day to another city. They are so sorry and sad that they didn’t share any contact addresses. They discuss why they couldn’t meet six months later as they had planned to. They talk about their successful/ unsuccessful life/ married life/ unmarried life. They talk about their previous joyful moment. They argue whether they had sex at that time or not. Jesse gives Celine a lift to her apartment in his vehicle. The movie ends with no sign of whether Jesse is able to catch his flight or whether he leaves Celine’s apartment or not. Instead the perfect ending! It’s up to the viewers to make sense further. I rate it 4/5.

These both movies have a lot of long one-take-shot scenes. Seems like they had a lot of rehearsals before the shooting, which is best-to-see in these movies. This movie obviously seems to inspire the youths who would like to make low-budget movies. You will not suspect the acting of these two characters even for a second. They are perfect. I hope you’ll not miss these movies. It’ll make difference to your judgments about the movies. Watch them!


ramita said...

ma yo movie kahile dekhi herna chahanthey ko ko sanga sodhi pani sakye tara... j hos review here pachi ali ali yeso bhayo hola uso bhayo hola jasto lagyo thankx la .aba chai jasari bhaye pani hernu parla..

rajankathet said...

la la... mileko ra samjheko belaa ma lei dina prayaas garumlaa... tc