Sunday, August 30, 2009

Water (2005)

“Where do man-widowers live?” whispers a child widow, Chuyia (Sarala), to an adult widow Shakuntala (Seema Biswas) while offering prayer at the bank of a holy river. Other widows yell at Chuyia for speaking such bad of men. At another scene, Shakuntala speaks of an old dead widow as, “She’ll directly go to heaven. If God desires, she will born as a man in her next life.” You are a widow means you are half dead and this movie ‘Water’ is all about this. It’s your misfortune to born as a female.

Water, made in 2005, by Deepa Mehta both as a writer and director, who has notable films to her contributions like 1947 Earth and Fire, stands as a dawn of change to the rustics of Hinduism. It’s a story, of around late 1930s, of a plight of widows living in poverty at a temple in Varanasi. Most of them are forced to live there from their very childhood after the demise of their aged husbands.

Chuyia is a child widow living there by the care of other widows like Kalyani (Lisa Ray) and Shakuntala. These widows are often made involve in sex activities with rich men by an old leader widow, Madhumati (Manorama). Kalyani falls in love with Narayan, played by John Abraham, who is against all kind of taboos and inhuman activities. The rise of Mohandas Gandhi seems to liberate these bad lives. It makes easy for Kalyani and Narayan to tie into marital relationship. But it doesn’t happen so. The relationship built through the help of Chuyia ends after Kalyani discovers Narayan’s father as her sometime partner. Kalyani dies by the river.

Chuyia is sold by that old brutal woman with the help of her right hand, Gulabi (Raghuvir Yadav). Shakuntala makes Chuyia to the hand of Narayan for nurturing.

Water is a great film standing against the still prevailing traditional taboo. At some points, the more desire for promoting the cause has left the characters unfocused and not lively.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oedipus Rex

(This review is not sequential. But it’ll not be problematic to understand the core of drama.) This is the story of a nation called Thebes of ancient Greece. The current King Oedipus (Saugat Malla) is much wanted, respected and famous among his countrymen. He considers the meaning of his being as to serve his countrymen. He takes pride in his being. So he is most of the times surrounded by his countrymen with complains of sorrows, epidemics, diseases and other difficulties.

The worse enters his life after he vows to unfold and punish the murderer of Laius, the previous king of the state. The future of Oedipus is already foretold as an ill-fated guy, for he’ll kill his father and marry his own mother. The Queen Jocasta (Aruna Karki), to prevent such misfortunes and worse to enter her life, handovers the baby Oedipus to a Gothalo / villager (Vishnuvbhakta Phuyal) for execution. The villager couldn’t dare to kill the baby, so he further handovers it to another villager. The latter gives the baby to a childless King and Queen. Oedipus grows up in that state as a prince, soon to discover the rumor that he is not the actual child of King and Queen. He also hears the rumor that he’ll marry his own mother.

Oedipus lefts the palace so that he wouldn’t have to kill his father and marry his own mother. While travelling all alone, helpless and full-tempered, he meets an old man out for the trip with his bodyguards. He kills them all following their misbehavior with him. The old man happens to be the King Laius from Thebes. Oedipus goes to the country of Thebes and frees all the countrymen from a female-demon. The countrymen find him suitable for the King of their country and crown him to rule the state. He marries widow Jocasta to prove his ill-fate very sadly. Jocasta hangs herself while Oedipus blinds himself.

“Oedipus Rex” is a great tragic Greek Drama written by Sophocles. The drama staged in Rimal Theater, Gurukul (from 2066 Ashad 20- Shrawan 15) in Nepali version is translated and directed by Sunil Pokhrel. All the actors have performed very well, still Saugat Malla (Oedipus) and Sarita Giri (maid) have proved themselves much stronger and experienced. Thumbs Up for Saugat Malla!!

Sunil Pokhrel has been very clever this time. He has concluded some of the scenes in narration that are really hard and time consuming to present in stage. There are lots of uses of symbols and colors in artistic manner that add extra to the drama. Greek story plus Nepali dances really suit the drama.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ardh Satya (1982)

Classic movies, art movies, experimental movies or whatever............ these movies somehow reflect humans, or they are somewhere around us, representing us. So, I love them. I don't need to wonder after I watched them. Partial reality plus fiction, which I cannot bear. Just letting them be of a genre would obviously mean something somehow, I believe. I love animated movies. I do enjoy watching super-character movies, but, mixed spices spoil my taste.

And, Ardh Satya (अर्ध सत्य), made in 1982, respected my feeling. Starring the legendary performer Om Puri, Smita Patil and several others (like Amrish Puri and Naseeruddin Shah in short and significant roles), the story (theme) is nothing extra and unusual. But the way the things are shown is different- not mainstream type. "I am not your wife"- Anant Velankar (Om Puri) shouts at his old father, played by Amrish Puri, who tries to force him to accept to marry the girl of his acquaintance. Anant has been forced by his father to become a cop leaving all his studies and dreams behind. He always saw his father beating his mother without reasons. He no more feels like acting in his arrogant orders, which he has respected till today.

Ardh Satya is the story of a sub-inspector, Anant Velankar, who wants to do his duty being just and honest. But the corrupt police-politics-bureaucrat nexus always forbids him from doing his duty properly. He feels like a no-man at all. Rama Shetty (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) is a local powerful gangster, who has his influence up to the CM. He is never charged for his guilts because of his power and influence. Velankar not able to sue him in the lockup starts getting drunkard during and after his duties. He fights hard for the profession and other receives the medal for it. He has a close chemistry with a college girl Jyotsna Gokhale (Smita Patil) with whom he shares all his feelings and frustrations. He, in his frustrations, derogates himself killing a suspect.

Velankar is suspended from his duty now. The issue is about to move the whole nation and civil societies. Velankar doesn't want this to happen against him. A police officer suggests him to take helps of Rama Shetty to solve the crisis. He makes it to Shetty but is offered to be his man in counter. He kills Shetty to defense his pride and dignity. He surrenders to the police.

The story of just and disobliging policemen and their behavior has been presented very well. Everything go as they had to go. Everyone performs matched with their bests and likes. The movie ends in the best way it had to.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

कान्तिपुरमा मेरो रात्रीदृश्य

अहिले यि प्राविधिक टिलाहरुले चौबीसै घण्टा चारैतिरबाट घेरिराखेको बेला पुराना पानाहरु पल्टाउने फुर्सद पनि नहुँदो रहेछ । हिँजो पनि थाहा थियो यो कुरा, तर अनुभव गर्न फुर्सद निकालेको रहेनछु । बल्ल थाहा भो’ जब म एउटा पुरानो डायरी पल्टाउन थालेँ । त्यो बेला केही कविता, गीत र गजल लेखेको जस्तो लाग्थ्यो तर खासै लेखेको रहेनछु । लेख्न खोजेको मात्रै रहेछु । अलिअलि मुस्कुराउँदै, अनि मज्जाले हाँस्दै र जिल्ल पनि पर्दै पानाहरु पल्टाउन थालेँ । तर एउटा कविता चाहीँ साँच्चै मन पर्यो । ‘नौ कक्षा’ भनेपछि ठ्याक्कै २०६० सालकै कविता परेछ । त्यो बेला चाईनिज फुल्टिनले लेखेको थेँ’ रंग पनि उड्दै जान थालिसकेको रहेछ । तर अब पासवर्ड कदाचित ह्याक नभएसम्म रंग उड्नेवाला छैन ।

“कान्तिपुरमा मेरो रात्रीदृश्य”

दुर्गन्ध हावा छिचोलेर निर्मल हावा आइसकेछ
झिल्-मिल् बत्ती जताततै नक्षत्र बस्ती छाइसकेछ
धुलैधुलो त्यो आकाशले पनि स्वच्छ पहिरन लाइसकेछ
हूल-घूइँचो थाम्ने बाटोले केही पल मुक्ति पाइसकेछ ।।

जीवन माग्ने कोमल हातले घरपीढिँमा निद्रा पाइसकेछ
झुटो आश्वासन दिने मुख पनि रक्सीको मातमा लडिसकेछ
दिनभर कराउने विदेशी मजदुर डेरामा सपना बुन्न थालेछ
राष्ट्रसेवामा तैनाथ ज्यान उभिँदाखेरी नै सुतिसकेछ ।।

धूर्त र ठग चिसो भुईँमा पापफल भोग्न थालिसकेछ
दलाल पनि दलाली कमाईमा आनन्दले घुर्न थालिसकेछ
पेट-पाल्न फोहोर खोताल्ने कुकुर एकोहोरो भुक्न थालिसकेछ
कामवासना चाहने लक्का जवान परस्त्रीसंग लठ्ठीसकेछ ।।

दिनभर थर्कने मन्दिरको घन्टा चुपचापसाथ बसिसकेछ
मानव पाल्ने त्यो जन्तु पनि आफ्नै ओडार पसिसकेछ
देवता हुँ भन्ने ठग पूजारी मानवसरी विलिन भएछ
कान्तिपुरमा मेरो यो रात्रीदृश्य दिउँसोको भन्दा गजव रहेछ ।।

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

सुमन'को सपना

सुमन हाम्रो देखि पल्लो घरमा बस्थ्यो । ऊ नाताले मेरो दाई पर्छ । ऊ जेठो हजुरबाउको नाति हो र म चाँहीँ कान्छो हजुरबाउको । ऊ मभन्दा करिब तीन वर्षले जेठो थियो । उसले म भन्दा धेरै पहिले देखि नै विद्यालय धाउन थालेको हो । तर ऊ कक्षा एकमा नै झुन्डी बसेको रहेछ । मैले विद्यालय जान थालेपछि हामी एकै कक्षाका साथी भयौँ । एकै कक्षामा पढ्ने भएपछि दाईभाईको नाता लाउने त कुरै भएन । बाल्यकालमा तीन कक्षासम्म सगैँ पढ्यौँ हामी । घङ्गरु र घ्याम्पे खाँदै तीन वर्ष त्यो गाउँमा उकाली ओराली गर्यौँ ।

उसलाई मैले जति वर्ष र समयसम्म देख्न पाएँ, सधैं एउटा कष्टकर जीवन बाँचिरहेको देखेँ । सधैं दु:ख मात्र फल्न जानेको त्यो गाउँमा कसो-कसो मेरो बुवा र काकाहरुले इमान्दारितापूर्वक पढ्नुभएछ । छोरालाई पढ्न पठाउँदा घरखेतको काम त्यसै बाँकी रहन्छ भन्ने आमाबाउको धारणाले कतिले त पढ्नै पाएनन् । त्यस्तो कालो युगमा छोरीलाई पढाउने त कुरै भएन । छोरीलाई पढायो भने बिग्रिन्छन्, पोइल जान्छन् भन्ने मानसिकता सबैमा पाइन्थ्यो । पढ्यो भने के हुन्छ भन्ने उदाहरण नै थियेनन् त्यो गाउँमा त्यो युगमा । यदि हाम्रो हजुरबुवा/आमाले त्यो बिचार राख्नु भएको भये म यतिबेला सायद कुनै खाँडी मुलुकमा हुन्थेँहोला ।

तर सुमनको बुवाले पढ्ने वातावरण पाएर पनि त्यसको सदुपयोग गर्नुभएन । जसको चपेटामा पर्न गयो सुमन । उसको घरको वातावरणले उसकी आमालाई पनि पोइल हिँड्न बाध्य तुल्यायो । सुमनका बाउले आफ्नै जेठी भाउजु लिएर हिँडे । सिक्किमतिर बस्छन् भन्ने हल्ला मात्र छ, गाँठी कुरो धेरै कमलाई मात्र थाहा छ । हामी केटाकेटी छँदा नै सुमनकी हजुरआमा बितिन् । सुमन आफ्ना कान्छा काकाकाकी र हजुरबुवा सँग बस्थ्यो । त्यही पुरानो युग नै फर्किन खोज्यो उसको जिन्दगीमा पनि । कहिले गाईवस्तु, कहिले घाँसदाउरा - अनेक बहानाहरुले उसको शैक्षिक अधिकारमा तँगारो हाल्न थाले । म र अन्य साथीहरुले उसको किताब लुकाएर बोकिदिन्थ्यौँ । बिना किताब हिँड्दा शंका गर्ने बाटो नहुने भएकोले उसलाई स्कुल आउन सजिलो हुन्थ्यो । उसका काका काकीका रातैपिच्छेका सन्तान हुन थालेपछि उसले स्कुल छोड्नुपर्‍यो ।

म अझै सम्झन्छु लेकको बारीको काम र घना जङ्गलले गर्दा उसका काला पट्पटी फुटेका खुट्टाहरु, खस्रा मैला हातहरु, नाम्लोले खिएको निधार । ऊ फाटेको कपडा र बिना जुत्ता-चप्पल विद्यालय धाउँथ्यो । उसले रहरले हैन बाध्यताले त्यसो गर्नुपर्‍यो । फेरी गुरुहरुको शिकार उही हुन्थ्यो । स्कुल छोडेपछि उसले हामी आवतजावत गरेको हेरेर नै मन बुझायो । तीन कक्षापछि म र मेरा काकाका छोराहरु सदर्मुकाममा बोर्डिङ स्कुल पढ्न भनेर गयौँ । सुमनले त्यही गाउँको रुखो माटोमा आफ्ना नङ्ग्रा घोट्दै बसिरहनु पर्‍यो ।

उमेर छिप्पिँदै गएपछि उसलाई आफ्नो वरिपरिको वातावरण असह्य हुन थाल्यो । उसको बाउ त सिक्किममा बस्छन् रे भन्ने हल्ला थियो तर उसकी आमाको अत्तोपत्तो छैन अझै पनि । उसले आफ्नो बाउकहाँ जाने विचार बनाउन थाल्यो । म काठमान्डौँ पढ्न आएपछि गाउँ गएको बेलामा एकदुइ वर्षसम्म उसलाई देख्न पाएँ । त्यसपछि ऊ गाउँबाट हिँड्यो रे भन्ने खबर मात्र सुनेँ । आजकाल त ऊ खोइ कता हो खलासिको काम गर्छ रे भन्ने पनि सुन्छु । असली कुरा त दैव नै जानुन् ।

सुमनले आमाबाउको अनुहार याद हुनेगरी उनीहरुलाई देख्न पनि पाएन । भन्थ्यो- "मलाई ति जाँठा-जाँठीहरुको अनुहार याद छैन ।" गाउँमा धेरै कमको मात्र खेत हुन्थ्यो । धेरै कमले मात्र मङ्सिर महिनामा धानका बिटा शानले बोक्ने अवसर पाउँथे । धेरैजसोको घरमा सधैं कोदाको घाँटीमा नै अड्किने ढिँडो र मकैको च्याँख्ला पाक्थ्यो । सेतो भात पाक्यो भने सोचे हुन्थ्यो त्यो घरमा पाउना आएका छन् या त त्याँ मासु पाक्दैछ । हाम्रो बुवाहरु जागिरे भएकाले सेतो भात त फालाफाल नै हुन्थ्यो । तर सुमनले सेतो भात खान कुनै चाड नै कुर्नुपर्थ्यो । एकदिन उसले मलाई यसो भन्यो- "एकदिन म यो गाउँमा कुर्सिमा बसेर खुट्टा हल्लाउँदै चामलको भात खानेछु ।" त्यो उसको आउने दिनमा सुखसंग बस्ने इच्छा र सपना थियो ।

(यहि नै हो मान्छेको इच्छा भनेको, जात भनेको । सुमन ढिँडो खान्थ्यो चामलको भात खाने सपना देख्थ्यो । म सदरमुकामको चर्चित बोर्डिङ स्कुलमा पढ्थेँ राजधानीको सुविधायुक्त स्कुलमा पढ्ने सपना बुन्थेँ । अहिले सुमन ड्राइभर बन्ने सपना बुन्दै होला । म विदेशको कुनै चर्चित विश्वविध्यालयबाट आर्ट पर्फमेन्स र फिल्म स्ट्डिजमा मास्टर्स गर्ने सपना बुन्दै छु । काठमान्डौँको व्यापारी कालो बजारी गरेर टन्न सम्पत्ति जोड्ने सपना बुन्दै होला । मान्छेले सपना देख्छन् र सपना देख्नुपर्छ पनि । तर सपना देख्दा-देख्दै मान्छे अन्धो बनिसक्छ । सपना देख्दा-देख्दै उसले बाँच्न बिर्सिन्छ । ऊ देश बेच्नथाल्छ । श्रेष्ठ प्राणीको सिँढिबाट तल ओर्लेर पाप गर्न थाल्छ । त्यही भएर यहाँ कैयौँ ख्याती श्रेष्ठहरु मारिन्छन् । त्एसैले सपना पनि देख्न जान्नुपर्छ । आलसको सपना देख्ने मान्छे सँधै दास बन्छ । आफ्नो पेट पाल्न सबैले जानेको हुन्छ । आफ्नो बचेरा र परिवारलाई त एउटा फिरङ्गी चरोले पनि पाल्न जानेको हुन्छ । अब एकपटक मानवको हैसिएतमा उभिएर सोच्ने पो हो कि ??? ) ...........................................(I took this photo after my SLC, 2061 B.S.).....................................................

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dev D (2009)

I don’t want to be high on this issue nor am I marketing or promoting anybody or anything. I watched Dev D in the very beginning of this semester or it would be appropriate to say after I moved to hostel. “Such a good direction yaar. You should watch it.” Shail Shrestha (Suste) proposed me to watch this movie.

I purchased a DVD of Dev D for Rs.30 from my ex-favorite Mahaboudhha (because these days I am into downloading through torrent and other possible programs). I couldn’t watch it though it was going best. I couldn’t tolerate the hall-print quality and sound of the movie. I watched some 30 or more minutes and quitted for the time. I borrowed the movie from one of my friends. Sorry! I don’t know who he was. It was of the same quality. …… “Oh shit….. it’s the same again” …… may be that was my expression at that moment. But torrent offers good quality movies. Finally, Nashiv (Kafle) gave me a downloaded version. It was not of the best quality but was much better.

I completed the movie in installments. It is a Hindi movie. But I didn’t feel like I am eating conventional (mainstream) Paanipuri at any points. It was a complete new taste. A complete good taste. A complete experimental. Dev D, of course, collected some hypes but not up to what it actually deserved and deserves. Of my friends, most of them, who watched it they purely loved it. I found nothing to criticize. The story, dialogues, music, colors, direction, acting, photography everything is perfect and extraordinary.

Dev D, the modern Devdas, is the theme. The theme is like that of older versions but not the storyline. Not the taste. Dev and Paru, as in older versions, who are living in different regions, do not share letters full of decorative words. They share naked photos instead. They share emotions. They even try to get physically connected after they meet, either in dark corners or bushes, but somehow luck does not favor them. Dev (Abhay Deol) and Paro (Mahi Gill) are parted not because of their varying family status but common misunderstandings. Dev couldn’t afford to hear his sweetheart, Paru, shares her bed with some other person in his absence though it’s not true. His arrogant attitude separates them. Another fellow weds Paru.

Chanda (Kalki Koechlin), modern Chandramukhi, is an after-made teen prostitute. A fellow, her partner, markets the video of him and Chanda having sex when she was in her schools. But only Chanda is seen in the video. She is cheated and ruined through that mobile video. “How could you watch that”- Chanda screams to her daddy who has just seen the video. He hits a bullet in his brain. These incidents and several others pave the way for Chanda to earn her livelihood by being a young prostitute.

Frustrated and partly ruined drunkard Dev reaches Chanda’s khothi. Spending some moments together they fell in love with each other. May be modern lovers rarely worry lifelong for their gone love. At some point Dev and Chanda, too, seem like separating but an accident unites them thus making the ending the best possible of all alternatives.

I am writing these things from my point of view. The views on arts and literatures, I think, can’t be generalized. The year 2008 ended with such a worst Gajini but the dawn of 2009 had to give the best like Dev D. I didn’t find Dilip Kumar (the first Devdas), Shahrukh Khan (the second) much weighty over Abhay Deol (the modern). Of all the threes, this last one is my personal favorite. In fact this is one of my favorite Hindi movies. Abhay Deol is a promising actor with great possibilities of giving more in coming days.

Friday, August 7, 2009


भिँडबिच नगनिएको बेला,
हीनताले गर्दा थाकेको बेला,
अनि भित्र बलिरहेको रापले पाकेको बेला,
हाँसेको जस्तो छु भनेपनि
भित्र भित्रै रुँदो रैछु म,
जति टाढै भागे पनि
आमाको काख बिना चुँ'दो रैछु म ।।

दरिद्रताबाट टाढा भाग्दा भाग्दै
झन् दरिद्र भइसकेछु म,
मीठो आहारा खोज्न आएको
एउटा प्रवासी नेपाली,
अब थाप्लो धेरै खिएपछि
सयल खोज्दै आएको भरिया,
कति चिसो माटो यहाँको ?
यो भन्दा बढी अब चिसो हुन चाहन्नँ,
सुन टेकेर आखिर न्यानो नहुँदो रैछु म,
छातीको देश मेट्न खोज्दा चुँ'दो रैछु म ।।

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rio Bravo (1959)

Perhaps this is the first time I am watching John Wayne. The look of Sanjay Dutt and the smile that makes me think of Sunil Dutt- he had these. I never knew. But I know this now. But does he look same in his other movies too? Let’s see sometime afterwards. But I loved him anyways. The hunt for more cowboy type movies got me to know another man, John Waney. I think I learned there are cowboy movies when I was going through Narayan Wagle’s ‘Palpasa Café’. I had obviously heard of the word ‘cowboy’. Oh I remember… I had many times encountered these types of characters in the ad of Marlboro Cigarette. Let’s not go the history of my acquaintance with cowboys. Let’s talk about the movie.

I just watched the movie “Rio Bravo” starring John Wayne. The Sheriff of the town Rio Bravo, John T. Chance (played by John Wayne) has to arrest Joe Burdette (Claude Akins), the brother of a powerful rancher Nathan Burdette (John Russell), because he witnesses himself gunning down a fellow in the saloon. He is kept in the jail where he is guarded by an old crippled talkative fellow, Stumpy (Walter Brennan).

Troubles by Nathan Burdette start coming forth in trying to help his brother escape out of custody. A wagoner, Pat Wheeler (Ward Bond), offers to help his problems. But the Sheriff didn’t feel like hiring his men to help him. But the young fellow Colorado Ryan (Ricky Nelson), a gunfighter, impresses him with his confidents.

The deputy, Dude (Dean Martin), appointed by the Sheriff is all ruined after he hooked up a girl who betrayed him later. He has become a town drunker. He is again given another chance by the Sheriff after he promises to recover from alcoholism. Once he tactfully guns down a man of Burdette, the murderer of Pat Wheeler. But, he cannot serve well he thinks because he has hand shaking problem. His shooting ability has diminished so.

On the other hand, the Sheriff also seems like getting romantically involved with a gambler girl Feathers (Angie Dickinson) …but slowly… very slowly. They start hooking to each-other in their own styles. The girl tries to show to the sheriff that she cares him but it’s us who has to understand self that the sheriff also cares her by time and again warning her of bad things. He is a sheriff and cannot directly confess that he to loves her. That’s not his style….. hehe….

Colorado once helps the Sheriff gun down three paid men of Burdette. So the guard of dead wagoner Pat Wheeler is also moved in to the job. Now four men (Chances, Dude, Colorado Ryan and the old Stumpy) are waiting for the US marshal to arrive the town. They are planning to handover Joe to the US marshal. But Dude is kidnapped in the midway. Now the two captured are to be swapped with no harm. But the Sheriff gang very tactfully captures all men of N. Burdette including him.

The most interesting thing I found in the movie is its simple plotting and the subject. The characters Dude (Dean Martin) and Stumpy (Walter Brennan) are worthiest watching. They have given best performance. I rate the movie 3.5/5

Monday, August 3, 2009

High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter (1973)
A stranger (Clint Eastwood) enters a small town “Lago” to stay for the night. He is a mysterious gunfighter. He scares town people with nothing. He guns down three gunmen, who unsuccessfully tried to shoot him down. The town people hire him to defend the town from three murderous outlaws, Stacey Bridges, Bill Borders and Cole Carlin who have just been released from the jail after they brutally whipped to death the town’s local lawman Marshal Jim Duncan. These three outlaws return to the town soon to find themselves dead by whipping, hanging and shooting.

This movie starring and directed by Clint Eastwood is quite cryptic. Although seems like everything working fine with no obstacles, some words expressed by the characters are quite relational with past conspiracies that are very hard to conjure up by just viewing the movie. When the stranger leaves the town with minima hints of who he is to Marshal Jim Duncan, the movie gets over. This movie is worth watching. It’ll boogie around your brain for hours. Best of Luck guys! Do watch it for least movies end with such mysteries. I rate it 4/5.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Horton Hears a Who (2008)

Strange things begin to happen in the city of Whoville. People are amazed by the snow falling in the month of summer too. Actually the snow is due to the morning dew in the jungle of Nool where the elephant, Horton (voice Jim Carey), is still asleep leaving the clover (that is holding a speck of dust) nearly to freeze. He breathes out hot air above the clover to make the city snow-free.

I’m starting the story in a quite suspense way and I’m feeling nice to do in that way. Horton is an inventive and imaginative elephant who teaches his young friends about the amazing world around them. So kid and young animals like to gather around and listen to him. A speck of dust passes by Horton’s ear while swimming. He feels like some sound coming out of it. He chases it and finally catches it by a clover. He discovers lives inside that tiny speck. He finds there the city of Whoville, home to the Whos, by the Mayor (voice Steve Carell) of that tiny world who keeps on talking with him. The Mayor is a father of 96 daughters and a smart son named Jojo. Horton agrees to help protect the home of Whos by leaving the speck in safer place. He has to come across an evil kangaroo and an eagle to save that speck. He goes through millions and millions of clovers to get back the clover holding that speck of dust.

Horton’s neighbors ridicule him for the possibilities of a world inside a speck of dust just like Whos city men to the Mayor who are not ready to believe an elephant holding their world by a clover. Horton’s neighbors don’t want their children’s minds be poisoned by his crazy ideas. A female kangaroo (voice Carol Burnett) who acts by herself as the head of Nool makes a mob against Horton and his belief.

The similar things occur in Whoville where the city Chairman tries to get supports from mob against the Mayor. The people do not believe the Mayor until he makes them hear the voice of the elephant, Horton. Similarly, the animals of Nool do not believe Horton until he makes them hear the voices of help coming from the tiny speck of dust. Finally Horton and the Mayor are proved best in their own worlds.

This is an animated 3D cartoon movie. This is my only second time watching such movie. I simply loved it. But I think I’ll get addicted to them in coming days. Let my exams get over first. Coming back to the movie, I would like to count it on a comic and humanistic genre. Respect for all lives micro and macro are the kind of values one ought to learn from it, just like the main character, Horton, stands by the motto that, "After all, a person is a person, no matter how small.” I rate it 4.5/5.