Monday, August 10, 2009

Dev D (2009)

I don’t want to be high on this issue nor am I marketing or promoting anybody or anything. I watched Dev D in the very beginning of this semester or it would be appropriate to say after I moved to hostel. “Such a good direction yaar. You should watch it.” Shail Shrestha (Suste) proposed me to watch this movie.

I purchased a DVD of Dev D for Rs.30 from my ex-favorite Mahaboudhha (because these days I am into downloading through torrent and other possible programs). I couldn’t watch it though it was going best. I couldn’t tolerate the hall-print quality and sound of the movie. I watched some 30 or more minutes and quitted for the time. I borrowed the movie from one of my friends. Sorry! I don’t know who he was. It was of the same quality. …… “Oh shit….. it’s the same again” …… may be that was my expression at that moment. But torrent offers good quality movies. Finally, Nashiv (Kafle) gave me a downloaded version. It was not of the best quality but was much better.

I completed the movie in installments. It is a Hindi movie. But I didn’t feel like I am eating conventional (mainstream) Paanipuri at any points. It was a complete new taste. A complete good taste. A complete experimental. Dev D, of course, collected some hypes but not up to what it actually deserved and deserves. Of my friends, most of them, who watched it they purely loved it. I found nothing to criticize. The story, dialogues, music, colors, direction, acting, photography everything is perfect and extraordinary.

Dev D, the modern Devdas, is the theme. The theme is like that of older versions but not the storyline. Not the taste. Dev and Paru, as in older versions, who are living in different regions, do not share letters full of decorative words. They share naked photos instead. They share emotions. They even try to get physically connected after they meet, either in dark corners or bushes, but somehow luck does not favor them. Dev (Abhay Deol) and Paro (Mahi Gill) are parted not because of their varying family status but common misunderstandings. Dev couldn’t afford to hear his sweetheart, Paru, shares her bed with some other person in his absence though it’s not true. His arrogant attitude separates them. Another fellow weds Paru.

Chanda (Kalki Koechlin), modern Chandramukhi, is an after-made teen prostitute. A fellow, her partner, markets the video of him and Chanda having sex when she was in her schools. But only Chanda is seen in the video. She is cheated and ruined through that mobile video. “How could you watch that”- Chanda screams to her daddy who has just seen the video. He hits a bullet in his brain. These incidents and several others pave the way for Chanda to earn her livelihood by being a young prostitute.

Frustrated and partly ruined drunkard Dev reaches Chanda’s khothi. Spending some moments together they fell in love with each other. May be modern lovers rarely worry lifelong for their gone love. At some point Dev and Chanda, too, seem like separating but an accident unites them thus making the ending the best possible of all alternatives.

I am writing these things from my point of view. The views on arts and literatures, I think, can’t be generalized. The year 2008 ended with such a worst Gajini but the dawn of 2009 had to give the best like Dev D. I didn’t find Dilip Kumar (the first Devdas), Shahrukh Khan (the second) much weighty over Abhay Deol (the modern). Of all the threes, this last one is my personal favorite. In fact this is one of my favorite Hindi movies. Abhay Deol is a promising actor with great possibilities of giving more in coming days.

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