Saturday, August 1, 2009

Horton Hears a Who (2008)

Strange things begin to happen in the city of Whoville. People are amazed by the snow falling in the month of summer too. Actually the snow is due to the morning dew in the jungle of Nool where the elephant, Horton (voice Jim Carey), is still asleep leaving the clover (that is holding a speck of dust) nearly to freeze. He breathes out hot air above the clover to make the city snow-free.

I’m starting the story in a quite suspense way and I’m feeling nice to do in that way. Horton is an inventive and imaginative elephant who teaches his young friends about the amazing world around them. So kid and young animals like to gather around and listen to him. A speck of dust passes by Horton’s ear while swimming. He feels like some sound coming out of it. He chases it and finally catches it by a clover. He discovers lives inside that tiny speck. He finds there the city of Whoville, home to the Whos, by the Mayor (voice Steve Carell) of that tiny world who keeps on talking with him. The Mayor is a father of 96 daughters and a smart son named Jojo. Horton agrees to help protect the home of Whos by leaving the speck in safer place. He has to come across an evil kangaroo and an eagle to save that speck. He goes through millions and millions of clovers to get back the clover holding that speck of dust.

Horton’s neighbors ridicule him for the possibilities of a world inside a speck of dust just like Whos city men to the Mayor who are not ready to believe an elephant holding their world by a clover. Horton’s neighbors don’t want their children’s minds be poisoned by his crazy ideas. A female kangaroo (voice Carol Burnett) who acts by herself as the head of Nool makes a mob against Horton and his belief.

The similar things occur in Whoville where the city Chairman tries to get supports from mob against the Mayor. The people do not believe the Mayor until he makes them hear the voice of the elephant, Horton. Similarly, the animals of Nool do not believe Horton until he makes them hear the voices of help coming from the tiny speck of dust. Finally Horton and the Mayor are proved best in their own worlds.

This is an animated 3D cartoon movie. This is my only second time watching such movie. I simply loved it. But I think I’ll get addicted to them in coming days. Let my exams get over first. Coming back to the movie, I would like to count it on a comic and humanistic genre. Respect for all lives micro and macro are the kind of values one ought to learn from it, just like the main character, Horton, stands by the motto that, "After all, a person is a person, no matter how small.” I rate it 4.5/5.

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