Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rio Bravo (1959)

Perhaps this is the first time I am watching John Wayne. The look of Sanjay Dutt and the smile that makes me think of Sunil Dutt- he had these. I never knew. But I know this now. But does he look same in his other movies too? Let’s see sometime afterwards. But I loved him anyways. The hunt for more cowboy type movies got me to know another man, John Waney. I think I learned there are cowboy movies when I was going through Narayan Wagle’s ‘Palpasa Café’. I had obviously heard of the word ‘cowboy’. Oh I remember… I had many times encountered these types of characters in the ad of Marlboro Cigarette. Let’s not go the history of my acquaintance with cowboys. Let’s talk about the movie.

I just watched the movie “Rio Bravo” starring John Wayne. The Sheriff of the town Rio Bravo, John T. Chance (played by John Wayne) has to arrest Joe Burdette (Claude Akins), the brother of a powerful rancher Nathan Burdette (John Russell), because he witnesses himself gunning down a fellow in the saloon. He is kept in the jail where he is guarded by an old crippled talkative fellow, Stumpy (Walter Brennan).

Troubles by Nathan Burdette start coming forth in trying to help his brother escape out of custody. A wagoner, Pat Wheeler (Ward Bond), offers to help his problems. But the Sheriff didn’t feel like hiring his men to help him. But the young fellow Colorado Ryan (Ricky Nelson), a gunfighter, impresses him with his confidents.

The deputy, Dude (Dean Martin), appointed by the Sheriff is all ruined after he hooked up a girl who betrayed him later. He has become a town drunker. He is again given another chance by the Sheriff after he promises to recover from alcoholism. Once he tactfully guns down a man of Burdette, the murderer of Pat Wheeler. But, he cannot serve well he thinks because he has hand shaking problem. His shooting ability has diminished so.

On the other hand, the Sheriff also seems like getting romantically involved with a gambler girl Feathers (Angie Dickinson) …but slowly… very slowly. They start hooking to each-other in their own styles. The girl tries to show to the sheriff that she cares him but it’s us who has to understand self that the sheriff also cares her by time and again warning her of bad things. He is a sheriff and cannot directly confess that he to loves her. That’s not his style….. hehe….

Colorado once helps the Sheriff gun down three paid men of Burdette. So the guard of dead wagoner Pat Wheeler is also moved in to the job. Now four men (Chances, Dude, Colorado Ryan and the old Stumpy) are waiting for the US marshal to arrive the town. They are planning to handover Joe to the US marshal. But Dude is kidnapped in the midway. Now the two captured are to be swapped with no harm. But the Sheriff gang very tactfully captures all men of N. Burdette including him.

The most interesting thing I found in the movie is its simple plotting and the subject. The characters Dude (Dean Martin) and Stumpy (Walter Brennan) are worthiest watching. They have given best performance. I rate the movie 3.5/5

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