Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eco-friendly cycles- Letters to the Editor

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Anil Bhattarai’s article on eco-friendly bicycles is not just a good read but also practical (“It’s embarrassingly simple,” Dec.1, Page 6). I, time and again, have been in Cold War with my friends on the feasibility of this go-green-ride in the Kathmandu Valley. They say it is improper and inappropriate in modern Kathmandu. They even blame the topography and the narrow roads without bicycle lanes for why they cannot pedal around.

It has been almost one-and-a-half month since I started cycling. This experience has
proven to me beyond doubt that the only reason why our brothers and sisters do not cycle is their wrong perception about cycling.

Bicycle was a ‘low-class’ thing for me a few months ago. But now I lament the days I cried with my parents for a petrol-bike. The concept of ‘riding bicycle to fight climate change’ is not that compatible to our society. But it surely can contribute to the fight against pollution, ill health of valley dwellers and fuel crisis. We ought to pedal to ensure our sustainable future.

Rajan Kathet

Kathmandu University,

Member of Kathmandu Cycle City 2020

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