Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blow Up (1966)

The principal protagonist of the movie, Thomas (David Hemmings), a fashion photographer, is a witness of several dreads and Londoners-- who by hook or crook are pursuing their aspirations. On the other hand, the spectators of the movie, Michelangelo Antonioni’s ‘Blow Up,’ are a witness of late 1960’s whole of mad London.

The movie develops into two- folds. At one hand, the principal Protagonist, Thomas, through blow up (enlargement) of his photographs is accidently involved into a murder case, while on the other hand, the glimpses of then London come into being the unavoidable part of the movie. People losing their
part of consciousness for their love of arts, girls ready to dirty their body for their soaring dream of a fashion- icon, the burgeoning drug addiction and the crimes chasing people very unnoticed are more than lots of happenings to take into gulp.

The movie develops slow, but it does reflect a high paced societal structure. Thomas is a very patient, crazy and moody fellow for whom the self becomes the only universe. People are politicians and of various other professions, but he is a photographer who believes he can click and capture any thing he wishes. “I’m a photographer and how can I be ruining the peace?” we can observe him snapping to his prey something like this. Photography has served him everything. It has fulfilled both the appetite of his abdomen and the body.

For me, ‘Blow Up’ is a masterpiece from all perspectives. Cinematography is terrific. Direction is such insightful. Performances are unquestionable and very much realistic. Avoidance of music and fantasy elements and colors in normal lives are perfect selections. The ending— though very open and subjective is rather better than anything. In totality, these ingredients do serve for a class movie.

(Though I’ve piles of movies chunked for my vacation, I’ve not been able to manage much time for them. Other much of the time is going into garbage. It’s twelfth day of the vacation, but to my bad ‘Blow Up’ is my second holiday flick after a tragic cult ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’ Truck- full thanks to Sunir Pandey for sharing this beautiful work- ‘Blow Up’.)

10 am. August 2, 2010.


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