Monday, July 4, 2011

Must watch 'Delhi Belly'

The large poster of 'Double Dhamal' was being replaced by that of 'Delhi Belly' at QFX Jay Nepal as I was waiting for my friends, with booked tickets already boarded into my pocket. Amir Khan's involvement in movies- be it as an artist or a mere member of production crew, is always a luring substance for audiences. He has again come up with a compelling work under Amir Khan's productions- 'Delhi Belly.'

If I'm to remember recent Bollywood flicks that laid on Forever Diamond for the chief turning points then the movies like Phir Hera Pheri, Golmal and others that I couldn't point out suddenly come into my memory. Recent Bollywood comedies are most of the times centered into the characters running after money, drugs, arms and diamond. Amir Khan's much talked Delhi Belly is another flick based on the run for diamond, but it surely is a brilliant interruption to cheap Bollywood manufactures.

Tashi Malhotra (Imran Khan), the lead person of the film, has best averted from his previous lover-boy character. He has managed well to reflect both punk and shabby personality at the same time. His other two roommates Nitin (Kunaal Roy Kapur) and Arup (Vir Das) have combined well to form a perfect crooked trio. These trio protagonists form a very compact gang which do several innocent, smart and at the same time stupid and crooked stuffs.

These three room partners are living a stinking life despite having resources and ability to live a good and well managed life. They accidently come in bad terms with a team of gangstars longing for some missed pieces of diamonds. There's nothing new and exceptional things in the plot except some nudity and explicit languages which the makers have put in openly.

There is no Katrina like drug or Akshya like joker for an unnecessary hook, but a class combination of acts and dialogues. There are many substances, which cannot be viewed with our family/ relatives aside, but it is a refreshing and laugh-to-abdomen-crack package otherwise watched with friends or a partner.

Music is necessarily loud at some points but no pointless dances and songs. Amir Khan's disco dancer performance at the end is also worth watching. Cinematography has best omitted exaggerated colors and clichés of Bollywood, which is heroic, filmy and well managed or an over-ruined lifestyle. It has captured best textures of ruined and corrupted lifestyles, unharmonious relations and unplanned infrastructures of Indian cities.

Abhinay Deo has proved himself after his debutant and super-flop 'Game.' He exemplifies that movie is not about the story and conclusion, but how the ideas are portrayed logically in the audio-visual form. Other below the margin comedy filmmakers will surely be inspired to produce class comedies in coming days. Delhi Belly is a very good entertainer.  

  Rajan Kathet
1st July 2011
Kapan, Kathmandu 
Film Laws Please!!!
यो फोटो सेन्सर बोर्डलाई समर्पित
In the midst of these political hassles, we can expect almost no good things from the government controlled institutions. At the time when political gangstars and mafias are being protected by the political parties, citizens not linked to any political powers have no option but to stay silent to every happening.

Restriction of screening of much talked ‘Delhi Belly’ of Amir Khan Productions was another ridiculous act by the Government based Censor Board. Since there is no clear film law in the nation, politically appointed members of the Board are doing anything they like. Their background is another and they have been appointed to judge what a good film is and what is not. The restriction to recent ‘Buds Film Fiesta 2010’ is followed by the sudden and stupid barring of ‘Delhi Belly.’ 

Lack of film laws is what encouraging these uneducated fellows in the moving chairs to act on their own authority and supremacy. The current trend is that films are graded not censored. One of several reasons behind the restriction of ‘Delhi Belly’ can be that the crowd was overflowing only to watch this film in the major cities of Nepal and other Nepali producers were just counting to find an excuse so that their below margin films could breathe at least.  The other reasons can be that the Board members want to prove their supremacy as long as their party remains in the government.

Modernization does not only mean to lead a Western like lifestyle but to upgrade to the good practices others have applied in their lives. So, my sincere request to our fellas is that they should try to acquire some knowledge on how a good world is moving. Although there are minimal chances of constitution drafting within the remaining two months, we can at least expect, if drafted to shock of all, it will come up with clear laws on films and film festivals too.

July 4, 2011


Aakar said...

बाँकी कुरा त्यस्तै हो, सेन्सरबोर्डलाई चैँ यही माथि को फोटो सबैले समर्पण गर्नुपर्छ ! :)

Ocn Karki said...

nice review.. specially one on the censor board...