Friday, November 29, 2013

Bullett Raja

A Dhulia's Dabangg. 

Tigmanshu Dhulia takes a complete wrong turn with an illogical and unsound flick 'Bullett Raja.' His attempt to Dabangg_ize Bullett Raja makes it a horrible craft. Known for his offtrack and semi commercial approach to cinema making, Bullett Raja gives an impression of an intentional commercial experiment.

Set against the backdrop of India's UP based political mafia world, narrative illogically
revolves around the urges for power and revenges. Killings and lies follow as the characters struggle for their dominance in the political and economic world.

Characters and plot loosely communicate with each other. Characters emerge like out of nowhere and they disappear like a tiny object. The film so easily deals against the mafia's potentiality and access in the society. The film introduces characters as big shots of the society and it assassins them like stray animals.

Raja Mishra (Saif Ali Khan) who turns into an infamous gangster from a commoner (just as the narrative develops his character) looks more a silly guy. Khan's funny screen presence does not pay to the Robin Hood attitude of the character. Sonakshi Sinha's role does not add anything in the story besides being the love interest of principal protagonist.

Music is meant to add thrilling feel to the story. Since the development of story is very dull and reckless, background music is just another agitating pill. Dhulia's attempt to craft Saif Ali Khan in the character of Singham and Robin Hood Pandey completely fails.

How Tigmanshu Dhulia farts at the face of his fans like me by presenting a worst film of his career- Bullett Raja! Bajadiya naa band baja!

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