Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Matrubhoomi - a nation without women

Cruel but gutsy take on the killings of girl child in India. Written and directed by Manish Jha 
In a territory of India, girl child is killed as soon as it is born. Patriarchal taboos and dowry practices overtly affixes to this homicide of girl infants. Expectably, the territory populated by males highly suffers due to lack of females. Weddings become a rare practice. Social hazards like human trafficking, sexual violences, rapes, killings, pornography and homosexuality prevail. The Indian territory once worshipped as Matribhumi [mother's land] turns into a nation without women as a result of disrespect and violence endured by females..  

Matrubhoomi is quirkily cruel take on gender imbalance in India. It's a satirical parable to the future of some villages in India where girl child is either aborted or killed once it is born. Lots of moments in the film are  heartbreaking as the leading female suffers her fate in a perverted society.

The film lacks an anticipated strength as it loses the balance in storytelling once the latter part of the story gains more violent momentum in comparison to its quirky beginning. Most actions are overdone while intending to create humour and intensifying violence.  

Except for the leading female who is too neat for her character, others are very well selected and characterised.  Performances and dialogues are the strength of this film. The film is gutsy, but do lack a heart.  

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